What’s your new year resolution?

01 Jan 2018 no comments dilshan Categories delicious, health

Does it include staying healthy, eating clean and taking care of yourself?You know what? It’s not so hard. It’s about making simple changes in your daily meal plan. Here are few eazy tips to follow.



  • 1. Embrace the products of mother earth Increase consumption of Vegetable and fruits

  • 2.Go Whole Grain Use products that have been touched the least by processing

  • 3. Eat less meat Veganism isn’t a requirement for clean eating though just eating less meat can help reduce many health risks.

  • 4. Watch out for processed food

  • 5. Cut down on sugar Hardest task ever. But worth a try.

  • 6. Keep an eye on sodium To help minimize salt while you cook, flavor your food with herbs and spices, citrus and vinegar.

  • 7. Consider the environment Eating clean comes in because going veg heavy and light on the meat can help preserve earth’s resources.


Let’s not be too hard on ourselves. Have a cheat day every once in a while and dig into your cravings. It’s called balance.